Recommended Formatting Parameters for E-Study Materials

Liepaja University

  • Kristine Mackare
  • Anita Jansone
Keywords: e-study, e-study materials, formatting parameters, technologies, visual perception


Technology is all around us. The use of modern technology is increasing in the process of acquiring knowledge as it provides greater opportunities and e-study is becoming as important as traditional education or even more significant.During literature research, it has been found that there is no unambiguity about all formatting parameters. A survey was made to research users' habits and preferences concerning different text formatting parameters for e-study materials. Application and browser research about developers’ imposed default formatting settings of font type, size and colours in the most popular applications and browsers was done. There are recommendations presented for a user-oriented e-study material design - style, size, spacing, position, colour - to reach the user information must be presented in a comprehensible and easy to remember way. These recommendations have been developed for e-studying materials for one target group - young adults (16-38 y.o.) - without reading difficulties and any significant vision problems.