Developing Primary School Teachers’ Classroom Management Skills

Abant İzzet Baysal University

  • Şenay Sezgin Nartgün
  • Türkan Argon
Keywords: Classroom Management, Teacher, Classroom Management Skills


This study aimed to develop classroom management skills of teachers employed in Bolu province primary schools as classroom teachers and subject matter teachers. Qualitative research method was adopted to determine whether teacher perceptions on classroom management presented any changes. Study group was composed of 100 teachers employed in primary schools throughout Bolu. Out of 100 participating teachers, 31 teachers were excluded from analysis due to incomplete information in their forms. Data were collected in written form via pre and post tests. Following the pretest, teachers were given a 2-day, 10-hour seminar to develop classroom management skills. Some of the findings are as follows: 15 of the participating teachers found themselves competent in all aspects of classroom management. 12 teachers regarded themselves as relatively competent and 2 teachers found themselves incompetent in classroom management in terms of time management, controlling classroom disruptions, providing sufficient number of activities, ensuring fair communication, providing motivation and including all students in the lesson.
Keywords: Classroom Management, Teacher, Classroom Management Skills