‘Are Mass and Weight the Same?’ Activity Developed based on Quantum Learning Model and Teachers’ Opinions

Amasya University

  • Orhan Karamustafaoğlu
Keywords: Quantum learning, Science activity, Mass, Weight, Teacher


The aim of this study is to teach 7th grade Mass and Weight unit in science course to the students through an activity developed in accordance with the Quantum Learning Model (QML) and to present it to the applicants and to get the opinions of the teachers. This study was carried on within the context of the case study approach, the literature on quantum learning was examined through literature review. Then, an activity was developed based on the quantum learning cycle in the determined subject. Finally, this activity was shared with four science teachers and semi-structured interviews were held on them. This study is intended to be a guide to teachers and researchers involved in developing similar activities. When the literature is examined, it is understood that the courses carried out based on the QLM have positive effects on the academic achievement and attitudes of the students. Therefore, it is planned to increase the number of the activities developed in this study and apply it on the students within the experimental method.